Tharwa Nursery

About Tubestock

We use 50mm square x 120mm deep (2" x 2" X 5") Grotubes


Reasons to plant Tubestock

         Easy to plant, (small hole to dig)

         Establish themselves quickly when planted

         Tapered tube design encourages roots to grow down

         Open design of tube base tends to air prune roots at base of tube

         Very economic and reliable

         Only require small amounts of water and fertilizer


How to plant Tubestock

1.      Just dig small hole the same size as the tube.

2.      Add 1 teaspoon of slow release fertilizer to bottom of hole (native slow release for grevillea etc.)

3.      Invert tube and tap down onto something solid with top edge of tube to remove plant

4.      Do not disturb roots they will generally be going the correct way due to the design of the tube

5.      Insert into hole and lightly firm in

6.      Water in well

7.      Maintain regular water until established (especially in extreme heat)


Retail Tubestock Prices

1 to 5

$3.00 each

5 to 44

$2.80 each

45 to 89

$2.50 each


$2.10 each

Wholesale Prices on application